Oppression of and Releifs for Minority Shareholders


Oppression of and Releifs for Minority Shareholders
Writer; S.A. Malick
Publisyer; Internasional Law Book Service
Pages; 173
Year; 2000

The subject of minority shareholders oppressed by the majority in a company has been judicially considered over the period of time and in certain cases the interest of minority shareholders has been protected and in some reliefs habe been granted by the courts.

Written by Mr. S.A. Malick, an advocate and solicitor of the Chennai High Court and edited by our Legal Research Board, this book covers the whole spectrum of the minority shareholder in a company. In dealing with the rule laid in Foss v.Harbottle, which was first enunciated about a century and half ago, the author has brought out all the case laws involved in the minority shareholders, oppression, right and remedy the sought by way of derivative action in the Malaysia Courts.

This book will be of considerable help not only to the Judiciary and the legal fraternity but also those administering the affairs of a company.

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